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Order Related

How can I place Order?

The most ideal way of placing the order is through our website- radheflutes.com. Simply add products to your cart and check-out. Please note that all the Prepaid orders get an instant 5% discount upto INR. 1000.

You may place the order through Whatsapp +91 9979882744. You need to send us your Name, Address and Phone Number + Required Products. Both CoD or Prepaid payment are accepted.
Same discount rule applies for Prepaid payments. We will guide you more through concise chat.

You can also place an order through Amazon.in or may be other online platforms.

How do I know if my order was placed successfully?

Once you successfully place your order, you will receive a confirmation email & SMS/Whatsapp with details of your order and your order ID.

You’ll receive another email & SMS/ Whatsapp containing tracking details once your order is shipped out. All you have to do then is, sit back, relax, and wait for your awesome product(s) to arrive!

How can I change address or phone number in Order?

If you wish to change address or phone number, you can send us an email info@radheflutes.com within 4 hours of placing an order or whatsapp text
us at +91 9979882744. You cannot change the address once the order is shipped.

How do I check the current status of my order?

You can review the status of your orders and other related tracking information by checking email in your inbox.

You will receive the order confirmation email after placing the order.

You will receive the dispatch email within 12 to 24 hours of placing an order. Dispatch email will contain all the tracking details. Once the order is shipped, you can see a button "Track" which will give
you more detailed information about your order status.

If you have placed order as the guest user, you can signup using the email through which you have placed the order.

What if it has been longer than 18 hours and I still have not received dispatch email?

Please check if you have placed order on Saturday after 10AM, you are likely to receive the dispatch email on Monday, since we have week-off on weekends.

How long does it take for the order to get delivered?

Orders in India, once shipped, are typically delivered in 1-4 business days in metros, and 4-7 business days for the rest of India. Delivery time may vary depending upon the shipping address and other factors (public holidays, extreme weather conditions, etc.).

What if I placed an order by mistake or placed the order twice?

We request customers to inform us immediately in case-

This helps us save the cost of double shipping. Also, when such errored CoD orders are placed, customers do not accept its delivery and the package is returned to us, resulting into double sided forced shipping charges on us. Hence, we expect you to be courteous on this part and we already thank you for that.

Inform us at info@radheflutes.com or call/ whatsapp us on +91 9979882744.

Do you take bulk orders?

Yes, we absolutely do. You can email us with your at info@radheflutes.com.We’ll also try and work out a discount for you, depending on the quantity of your order.

Why is my order on Hold?

There could be one of the below mentioned reasons why your order shows on hold:

1. You have requested for paid customization.

2. The address and pin-code that you provided fall under non-serviceable areas/ remote areas as with our partner courier company. In this case, we put your order on hold. Further, if the order is prepaid, we send the order through India-Post/ Speed-Post. However, if it is Cash on Delivery order, we request you to switch your order to prepaid order. There are two ways to do this- Either you can contact us through whatsapp +9 9979882744 and make the payment as directed or you may request us to cancel the current order and place a new prepaid order.

3. The address is incomplete. In this case we will contact you to provide us with your full address.

Please note, on-hold orders are likely to experience some delays in delivery.

Product Related

Can I remove the lip-plate?

No. Lip-plate is meant for the qualitative reasons.

The Lip-Plate attachment will make it effortless to blow your Bansuri so you don't have to put in hours to learn blowing technique. It also enhances the tone quality, balances the lower and higher octave volume and prominently lessens the hissing airy sound.

The flute is tuned according to the depth of the Lip-plate, hence if you remove it, this will affect the tuning of the flute. Also, it could hinder the good looks of the flute.

Which flute should I buy as a beginner?

Middle Octave flutes are the most ideal flute for beginners. PVC fiber C Natural Middle Octave (20 inches) is considered as the most suitable scale for the beginners.

-Please note- Higher Octave flutes are smaller in size (high pitch tone), they’re also called pencil flutes. Middle Octave flutes are medium in size (medium pitch tone) and Base Octave flutes are bigger length (Heavy Base tone).

-The longer the flute, the deeper the tone but the more difficult the finger stretch. If you are a beginner you need to be concentrating on getting the clearest, strongest tone possible and not also be struggling to reach the finger holes.

-It is better to start with a smaller side blown flute and as you become comfortable playing it, move on to a longer and deeper toned flute.

-If you are a beginner at playing a side blown flute either the Key of 'G', 'E' or ‘C’ would be a good choice. The Key of 'C' is a little longer and deeper in tone than the Key of 'G' or ‘E’ and is a popular Key for playing along with other instruments.

-If the Flute is for someone with smaller hands the Key of 'E' or ‘G’ may be a more appropriate choice.

Will I get a tuned flute?

We make sure that each flute/ bansuri is tuned with Tanpura at A=440Hz. Tuning is the most crucial aspect of Indian Classical music or any style of music for that matter. Hence, it is our priority.

What if I feel my flute is not tuned?

Please check these aspects before contacting us:

Please ensure you are checking the tuning on Hindustani scale for Hindustani Flutes and on Carnatic Scale for Carnatic flutes.

Using a digital tuner or mobile app is not the right way to check the tuning. You should check it with the help of tanpura or ask your mentor to check it for you.

Ensure that you are closing first three holes to play “SA” in Hindustani side flutes, closing first two holes to play “SA”in Carnatic side flute and closing six holes to play “SA” in vertical blow

Make sure that the holes are completely covered by your fingers and there’s no gap left while closing them.

Please check this youtube video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fs0Ul_2uC9c

Although hardly possible, if you still feel it is out of tune, please make a video of playing your flute immediately and send it on our whatsapp- +91 9979882744. We will verify it and replace your flute if needed.

How about the quality of the flute?

Before you receive your Bansuri, it has gone through many quality control check points such as Material Quality, Tuning Accuracy, Threading Tightness, Polishing, Cracks and Leakages, Durability and an Overall Check Up.

Why is the flute blow hole oval and not round?

We have introduced a squared ellipse blow-hole, adopted by western flutes. This is sharp compared to the traditional round hole and gives balance to both lower and higher octaves. Additionally, it offers a wider dynamic range and requires less pressure to play higher octave.

Finger holes in my flute are not straight in line, is it normal?

If you have ordered Carnatic Side Flute, the finger holes will be straight in line. If you have ordered Hindustani Side Flute, the finger holes are bound to be out of linear shape.

What is the difference between Hindustani and Carnatic flute?

Radhe Flutes Hindustani flutes have 7 finger holes and Carnatic flutes [prevalent in South India] have 8 finger holes. Both have different style of playing.

There are gaps between finger holes, is it normal?

Absolutely, yes. We have readjusted finger holes for comfortable fingering without compromising in the tuning. This effortless playing has been approved by top most flute artists of India.

Please check our Review page for more details.

The Flute does not produce sound at all, what should I do?

If this is your first flute or first PVC fiber flute, you need to learn the correct technique of blowing and playing the flute. It is not possible that the flute cannot produce sound, even a simple ball-pen cap would produce the sound if correctly blown.

Please check the link below-


What is the use of 7th hole in Hindustani Side Flutes?

Radhe Flutes Hindustani side bansuri has extra hole for extra performance. The 7th hole lets you expand your musical range, as well as lets you do a few extra things such as bending numbers from Tivra-Ma to Pa. Additionally, you now can go a little lower than conventional flutes which can add flavors into your playing.

The 7th hole in my double base flute is too far away, my fingers cannot reach there, how should I play it?

The 7th hole in any double base bansuri is played/ closed by the player’s thigh, not finger.

How Radhe Flutes Bamboo Bansuri is made? How a Bamboo becomes a professional bansuri?

We consider many factors to make a bamboo into a professional Bansuri.

-The first step is to choose a matured bamboo which is at least 2 years old. The older the bamboo is the more seasoned it becomes which prevents the bamboo from cracking and splitting open. Moreover, it provides enhanced tonal quality and louder volume. On top of choosing a matured bamboo we also make sure that the bamboo is cylindrical and as no curvature.

-The next thing that makes the bamboo even stronger while not letting it become brittle is the called Heat-Curing Process where the bamboo is put into different specific temperatures for specific days. This process not only increases the endurance but also evenly distributes the water content inside the bamboo releasing the stress which helps the bamboo to reverberate and resonate the notes.

-Next, the bamboo is smoothened not only from outside but also from inside. We sand the outer wall with different grinds until it starts shining. This process is for the appearance of the bansuri. Inversely sanding the inner wall and later smoothening it lets the air flow smoothly with minimal friction making it very easy to produce sounds and modulate them.

-Later the bamboo is oiled from inside and outside using 'Radhe Flutes Natural Mineral Oil' which is order-less, colorless and non-allergic. Oiling the bamboo prevents the bamboo from getting dry which can cause cracks and prevents the saliva from entering the bamboo which too can create cracks. Additionally, a sudden temperature change inside the bamboo is very dangerous. An oiled Bansuri slows down the speed of temperature and spreads the temperature evenly at a faster rate compared to a bamboo which in not oiled.

-We use Natural Cork so there are no disruptions in resonance.

-Next in line, we craft the OBLONG blow-hole which are much superior than the conventional round shape blow-hole. Once the blow-hole has been created we refine the blow-hole until it can produce a loud fundamental note as well as 5 over-tones. This process makes blowing and shifting between octaves effortless.

-Later, we make the tone holes in such a manner that it is easy for the player to close the holes without any difficulty while making sure not to compromise with the loudness. Moreover, we make further improvements so that the flutes don't have to adjust their embouchure or move the lip position a lot.

-Once, all the notes have been checked with the Tanpura at A=440Hz (we do not tune the flute with digital tuner or mobile apps as they are not meant for hindustani classical music) we start working on the overtone series so you can play 2.5 octaves using cross-fingering technique. (Most of the flute don't give you a range of more than 2 octaves)

-Finally, we use Strong Nylon threads which do not stretch or shrink due to temperature change or long period of use as compared to polyester threads. These Nylon Threads protect the bansuri from split-opens or cracking. We use the X shape threading technique to give the bansuri a traditional and authentic appearance.

-Last but not the least, the bansuri is put inside a the Hard-Case for protecting and travelling purposes. Moreover, we Provide 'Radhe Flutes Bamboo Bansuri Mineral Oil 30ml' so you can apply it on your bansuri every 2-3 months or whenever you feel the bansuri is getting very dry.

There are many more small processes that we do while we craft the bansuri which augment the bansuri to a prime level.

Can I give performance as a flutist playing PVC Fiber Bansuri?

Absolutely yes. Our PVC fiber bansuri is meant for beginners as well as for artists. Please check our Review page for watching the artists playing PVC fiber, Acrylic fiber and Bamboo Flutes. You may also check some of the video reviews on Youtube.

Which is better Bamboo or PVC?

Both PVC fiber and Bamboo Flutes have their own unique qualities. Just as how we cannot compare a rose flower and a lotus flower, like so we cannot compare PVC Fiber Flutes and Bamboo Flutes.

Radhe Flutes PVC Fiber Bansuri:

-Unlike Bamboo Bansuri, your PVC Fiber Bansuri will not be damaged by direct Sunlight, Moisture, Dry weather, and sudden shift in temperature. Basically, no maintenance needed at all.

-If your Bansuri has any kind of dirt or dust, inside or outside the Bansuri, don't worry, wash it with water and it will be as good as new without affecting the durability or tuning of it.

-If your Bansuri falls down on the floor from a standing position, no Problem, it can withstand a fall from a height of 20 feet. If you accidently step on it, no problem, it will not split-open or crack. If you decide to play it after 2 years, no problem, it wouldn’t change its shape nor the tuning.

-The Lip-Plate attachment will make it effortless to blow your Bansuri so you don't have to put in hours to learn blowing technique. It also enhances the tone quality, balances the lower and higher octave volume and prominently lessens the hissing airy sound.

-Bamboo wooden color PVC Fiber Pipe with traditional X threading using very strong Nylon threads to maintain the aesthetics of Hindustani Bansuri. PVC fiber Bansuri has Mellow and Sweet tone.

Radhe Flutes Bamboo Bansuri:

-All our Indian bansuri are tuned with tanpura by Tej Sharma himself.

-Our Bamboo Bansuri are 100% hand crafted.

-Bamboo Bansuri has bright tone.

Is PVC fiber flute safe?

Yes, PVC fiber flute is safe.

Most of your drinking water passes at some point through PVC, whether it’s municipal supply lines to your area or in your home, is touching PVC piping. I have been researching and experimenting on PVC fiber flutes for nearly 25 years, I personally do not see PVC material as harmful when using with care and precautions. Besides, this is accountable only when you do the sanding and heating while making the PVC flutes or other PVC products. Any finished product of PVC material should not be a concern at all.

Mr.Tejkumar Sharma      

Radhe Flutes

-PVC is a versatile material that offers many possible applications, these include; Window frames, drainage pipe, water service pipe, medical devices, blood storage bags, cable and wire insulation, resilient flooring, roofing membranes, stationary, automotive interiors and seat coverings, fashion and footwear, food packaging, credit cards, vinyl records, synthetic leather and other coated fabrics. In fact, coronary artery stent which are used to expand coronary arteries inside the
heart are made from plastic as well

-REMEMBER Anything that Burns Releases Toxins!

It is true that PVC releases toxins when it is burned but so does bamboo such as cyanogenic glycosides and any other material for that matter. However, please note that neither PVC nor bamboo is dangerous if they don’t cross their burning point. Standard PVC can withstand temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.So, you can feel safe that there will be no harmful toxins released when you play the flute.

For further clarification andexplanation, please read the article below based on scientific reports:

There's been a lot of negative talk in the media and online lately about the effects of PVC in consumer products. Don't confuse the added-to plastic found in those products with "furniture" and "plumbing" grades PVC pipe and fittings. They are not the same thing.

In many plastic products a couple of additives, called plasticizers, may have been added that make PVC change properties.

1. Phthalates are chemical substances that make PVC flexible and soft. These additives are used in products like toys, baby products, cosmetics, food wrapping materials, shower curtains and so on.

2. Bisphenol-A is used to make products shatter resistant and for high-heat resistance. You'll may find this additive in such items as baby bottles, eating utensils, microwave ware, water bottles and the like. 

Both these chemical additives are "suspected" by some to cause cancer and, possibly, developmental problems. The concern is with these plasticizers, NOT the PVC itself.Phthalates and Bisphenol-A are not added to common PVC pipe. 

Scientific reports are mixed on the safety of those two additives. If you're interested, you can read more at  http://www.factsonplastic.com/gclid=CMbdztDS6pMCFRZZiAodvRnPVg and www.phthalates.org/whatare/index.asp. 

And in case you want to make and use PVC projects for your kitchen, read this from Robert L. Wolke, The Washington Post..."At the other end of the PVC hardness spectrum is PVC pipe. It is made of hard, rigid PVC that contains no plasticizer. What isn't there cannot leach out into food. So clean, room-temperature PVC pipe can be used as a perfectly safe food utensil. And that's a fact."

Some toys made with PVC may contain a plasticizer (as mentioned above), which by some accounts, can be harmful to children when put into their mouths. However, an independent panel of scientific experts commissioned by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission dispute this. Either way, since PVC pipe and fittings do not contain a plasticizer, there’s no evidence that it's harmful.

Following are quotes from the Plastic Industry Pipe Association...

     "In 1998 and 2001, the Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) extensively reviewed recent scientific literature on PVC and concluded 'the balance of available evidence indicates that PVC in its building and construction applications has no more effect on the environment than its alternatives.'

     In 2004 the U.S. GreenBuilding Council PVC Task Group issued a draft report on PVC related materials. This report was based on an analysis of over 2,400 scientific papers, submissions from green groups, the building industry and PVC industries. The report concludes 'the available evidence does not support a conclusion that PVC is consistently worse than alternative materials on a life cycle environmental and health basis.'

     Furthermore, in 200 the European Parliament commissioned a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) study on PVC - 'Life Cycle Assessment of PVC & of Competing Materials.' This report found no evidence to support a bias against PVC and as a result has placed no restrictions on its use."

Also, since PVC is a thermoplastic material, it is readily recycled.

The effects of vinyl products on health and the environment have been investigated at every stage from manufacture through use and final disposal, and have been shown to be safe and environmentally sound.

For more information, readers can visit http://www.vinylnewsservice.net."


And this from the Canada Newswire...

Scientifically baseless attack on PVC could hurt consumers,resulting in use of riskier and less affordable materialsVANCOUVER - Recent activist attacks on PVC, one of the most sustainable, useful and affordable plastics available, are without any basis in scientific fact and could hurt consumers by forcing retailers to adopt the use of riskier, less affordable materials, Greenpeace co-founder and former leader Dr. Patrick Moore says.

"Environmental Defense and other anti-PVC activists are engaged in a fear-mongering campaign that's attempting to convince retailers like Sears to de-select PVC without a shred of scientific evidence," said Moore, a Greenpeace co-founder and Chairman and Chief Scientist, Greenspirit Strategies Ltd.

PVC is commonly known as vinyl or polyvinyl chloride. It has recently come under attack by Environmental Defense Canada. "It's completely unacceptable for these activists to call PVC 'toxic' when PVC's effects on health and the environment have been investigated at every stage from manufacture through use and on to final disposal - in all cases vinyl has been shown to be safe and environmentally sound," said

"The most rigorous risk assessment ever undertaken by the European Union on plasticizers used to make PVC flexible was conducted over 10 years, and concluded these widely used additives should not be classified as hazardous and pose no risks to either human health or the environment from their current use," said Moore."Anti-PVC activists are pushing retailers toward untested, less affordable and potentially riskier materials and that's bad news for Canadian consumers," said Moore. "PVC is one of the most thoroughly tested plastics available. Because it is easily cleaned, affordable, durable and safe, PVC has many important applications," said Moore"The best way to deliver affordable, safe drinking water is through a PVC pipe. The best way to insulate electrical wiring is with a PVC coating. In hospitals, floors and wall coverings use PVC widely. PVC is a durable, cost-effective siding for buildings because of its low maintenance and long life. Building with PVC saves on energy and material costs," said Moore. "Alternatives simply don't match the safety, affordability and flexibility of PVC," said Moore. "That's why PVC continues to be a very popular choice in many applications," he said.


What is the use of Radhe Flutes Mineral-Oil, how to use it and how often should I use it?

Oiling the bamboo prevents the bamboo from getting dry which can cause cracks and prevents the saliva from entering the bamboo which too can create cracks.

Additionally, a sudden temperature change inside the bamboo is very dangerous. An oiled Bansuri slows down the speed of temperature and spreads the temperature evenly at a faster rate compared to a bamboo which in not oiled. Our white mineral oil prevents liquids/moisture from penetrating the Bamboo likewise keeping the bamboo’s ideal moisture level intact for strength. Radhe Flutes Bamboo Bansuri Mineral Oil can be applied on your bansuri every 2-3 months or whenever you feel the bansuri is getting very dry.

A damp swab/ cloth of oil (not drenched) can be buffed against the flute from outside. Alternatively, use a regular plastic or wooden stick draped with soft cotton cloth moistened with oil, pass it through the hollow bamboo. Extra length of the cloth can be held down with a rubber band.

Why does my Bamboo flute does not look same as seen in the picture?

All the Bamboo pipes are naturally derived from Bamboo Plants, making every Bamboo look unique; hence they vary from the picture in terms of their appearance. The length and diameter may also be variable. However, this will not affect the performance of the flute.Every Bamboo flute will have perfect pitch that can be matched with Tanpura.

What will I receive in the flute packaging?

In the flute packaging you will receive:

1 Flute, 1 Flute Manual, 1 Cardboard Tube,

1 Velvet Cover (Optional), 1 Hard Cover
(for Acrylic, Bamboo & Carbon Fiber Flutes).

Will I get a cover/ case with my flute?

-All the Acrylic, Bamboo and Carbon Fiber flutes will be accompanied by
a Hard-Cover.

-Since PVC Fiber flutes are sturdy itself, we just pack it in the usual cardboard roll. However, if you need a velvet cover for your flute, you may purchase it along with your flute. Make sure you choose the correct size.


You can also convert [DIY] your velvet cover into a Hard-Case for your PVC fiber Flute. Here’s how:

With every flute comes a high-quality Card-board Tube which provides extra protection to your flute. It is a part of packaging and is detachable, so you can use it as per your convenience.


Insert one end of Card-board Tube inside the Velvet Cover’s Opening Area. Make sure not to put too much force.


Keep rolling up additional portion of the Velvet Cover to one area and then slide that portion upwards. Repeat this process until the Card-board Tube is completely inside the
VELVET cover.

What is the difference between Left-Handed and Right-Handed Flutes?

-Right-Handed flutes are suitable for right-handed people. Holding the Flute straight- finger holes & blow hole facing you, the 7th
hole will fall on the left-hand side.

If you are using a flute with Lip-plate, you may also determine the handedness by checking the larger area of the Lip-plate that falls on the left-hand side, again while holding the flute in front of you, facing the finger holes.

-Left-Handed flutes are suitable for Left-handed people. Holding the Flute straight- finger holes & blow hole facing you, the 7th
hole will fall on the right-hand side.

If you are using a flute with Lip-plate, you may also determine the handedness by checking the larger area of the Lip-plate that falls on the right-hand side, again while holding the flute in front of you, facing the finger holes.

Only Hindustani Side flutes come with the difference of Handedness. Carnatic Side Flutes or any Straight blown Flutes are meant for both handedness.

Which handedness should I choose for my flute?

If you are a Right-hander, you should buy a Right-handed flute. If you are a Left-hander, you should buy a Left-handed flute. If you are unsure, you should hold a stick and hypothetically try playing the flute from both the sides and determine which side is more comfortable for you. If you’re still unsure, you may take advise from your mentor/ tutor.

How to buy genuine Radhe Flutes and avoid tumbling into buying a duplicate flute?

The correct way to buy authentic Radhe Flutes is to buy flutes through our website. If you are making the purchase from any e-commerce platform such as Amazon, Flipkart etc., you must attentively look for the SELLER name. If the seller is RADHEFLUTES then you can freely buy your flute.

We have been receiving many complaints of receiving duplicate flutes from various e-commerce websites world-wide. Many fraudsters are using the exact title, description and product photographs of Radhe Flutes, resulting into delivering duplicate flutes to genuine buyers. In such cases, we cannot take any responsibility of the product since the order was not placed to us and we did not deliver it either. Hence, we request customers to be attentive while checking the name of the seller before placing the order.

Shippping and Packaging Related

How is the flute packed?

Each of our flutesis enveloped in a thin transparent plastic cover, which is then placed in a high-quality thick Card-board Tube which provides complete protection to your flute. Again, this packaging is then placed into a strong poly bag which is also tamperproof & waterproof.

How will my order be shipped?

We use several national courier services to deliver your order to your door steps

What if I am unavailable at the time of order delivery?

If customer is unavailable to receive the product at the time of order delivery, it is customer’s responsibility to contact the relevant courier company and fix the issue further or collect the package on their own. Also, if the courier company takes extra charges for keeping the package on hold, then customer will have to decide on it.

What if the package is tampered at the time of delivery?

You must refuse to accept the tampered package. We request you to immediately take a picture of the tampered package if possible and send it to us.

When will my order be shipped?

We usually ship the order within 24hours. However, during weekends or public holidays this may take up to 24-48 hours of working days. Please check Order Related FAQs for Tracking and Dispatch queries.

Are there any additional shipping charges?

Radhe Flutes provides FREE shipping for all orders above ₹379 in India. A shipping charge of ₹50 is payable only on orders below ₹379 and ₹70 on orders below ₹199.

Is there any additional charge for CoD orders?


Why can’t I see the CoD option?

If the COD option is not showing, it’s because this facility is unavailable for your postal code. You can either pay by Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI, Wallet or Net Banking; or you can get the products delivered to an alternate address (where COD is available).

Cancellation Policy

How do I cancel the order?

You can login to your account and go to your Order. From there you can request for Cancellation of your selected order. 

If the order or the item(s) that you want to cancel have not been shipped yet, within 12-18hours, you can write to our customer support team at info@radheflutes.com or call/ whatsapp us on +91 9979882744 (Monday to Saturday, 9AM to 7PM)

In such cases, the order will be cancelled, and the money will be refunded (in case of prepaid orders) to you within 24-48 business hours after the cancellation request is duly processed by us.

How do I cancel an order? (Once it has been shipped)

If you wish to cancel an order that has been shipped but has not yet been delivered, kindly inform us at the earliest on our email info@radheflutes.com or call/ whatsapp us +91 9979882744.

Once we receive the product(s) back and verify its packaging/condition, we will refund your money within 24-48 business hours in case of prepaid order.

International Shipping

How can I place international orders?

Please contact on info@radheflutes.com or whatsapp text us at +91 9979882744.

Can I choose Cash on Delivery for my International Order?

We only accept prepaid international orders.

Will there be any shipping charges?

Yes, shipping charges will be applicable as actual, which vary as per the country’s location.

How will you ship?

We will ship your order through private courier companies or through India Speed Post.

International Order& Shipping Info:

-The shipment will ship within 72 hours ofreceiving the order.

-Customers will be provided with the tracking details through email and/or whatsapp

-Customized order will take at least a week to get shipped.

-It usually takes 7-15 days for the international order to get delivered after dispatch.

-Please note that Radhe Flutes is notresponsible for the shipment delay if the shipment is stuck in custom clearancein your country. However, we will try work & fix the problem.

-Also, customer will have to pay any custom duty or other taxes if applicable in the customer’s country. However, most of our orders usually get through easily.

-Any international order cannot be refunded, returned or exchangeddue to high shipping cost and insurance.

-The regular order can be cancelled within 24 hours of placing the order, which is accountable for full refund.

-If the order is requested for cancellation after shipping, customer will only get the refund for the net product value. Shipping charges will not be refunded.

Return/Exchange Policy

How do I return/exchange an item purchased on Radhe Flutes?


Exchange on Radhe Flutes are currently accepted only in the following cases:

1.You have received a damaged product

2.You have received a defective product

3.Wrong product was delivered to you

Step 1:

In any of these cases, you can request a replacement the same dayof receiving the order. You must send pictures/ videos of the damaged/ defective product immediately upon receiving it. You can send us an email info@radheflutes.com or whatsapp us at +9 9979882744.

Step 2:

After verifying the genuine problem, we will have the
product picked up from your place and simultaneously send you the replacement product. We will share the return pick-up tracking id as well as newly sent product tracking id with you. We request you to pack the return product in original packaging, SEAL it completely and keep it safe.


Replacement will not be accepted under the following conditions:

-If request is initiated after 2 hours of order delivery

-Product is used or altered

-Product is damaged due to misuse/overuse by the customer

-Replacement attempted without original packaging including, price tags, labels, original packing, freebies and other accessories or if original packaging is damaged

Categories not eligible for Replacement:

1.Flute Accessories

Note: In the case of replacement, it is subject to the availability of stock. In cases when a replacement may not be available, we will refund you the full amount.

Please note that NO product is eligible for refund or return.

Please note: For certain marketing campaigns or mega sale periods, special return/exchange/refund rules may apply. Information regarding this is visible on the promotion banner. For any clarification, please feel free to contact our customer care.


What is Customization? How does it work?

The order is considered as a Customization order when customer requests for any change in the original manufacturing process. Currently, there are two types of customizations processed at Radhe Flutes:

 -You can request to personalize your flute with your name or any word engraved on it, the usual dimension of which would be1.5x1cm.

 -You can choose your favorite thread colors and have your flute look as you may like. Maximum 2 thread colors per customization*

-Customization is subject to availability

-Price will be applicable per customization

-Any Customization order must be prepaid.

-Engraving and Changing Thread Colors are considered two separate customization requests

-Any customized order cannot be cancelled, refunded, returned or exchanged before or after shipping.

Answers for your Questions.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions resource.

How can I place order for customization?

You can simply add “Customization Engraving” and/or “Customization Threads” as separate products in your shopping cart along with your selected flute(s).