Ignite your passion with Prestige Series C Natural Bansuri Bundle (FIRE)

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Hand-Crafted with Passion

Whether you're beginner, student, hobbyist, performer, teacher, orchestral musician or a passionate artist.. We have you covered.

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Our mission is to be able reach out to the people who are dwelled into the hectic competitive day to day lifestyle and cannot connect to a calm and peaceful place.

We thrive to have them create some time for themselves and feel centred within oneself.


  • Lip-Plate our speciality

    Lip-plate installment enhances overall volume and tonal quality while minimizing blowing pressure to generate sound. It really makes a difference.

  • Tuned with Tanpura

    Your Bansuri is tuned with Tanpura at A=440Hz. Every bansuri is tweaked to get the optimum balance in tone, volume and pitch, in both lower and higher octaves.

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